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PLUS 4.8: Introducing the New PLUS Design System!

PLUS 4.8: Introducing the New PLUS Design System!

May 5, 2023

The design and dev team are thrilled to announce that the new PLUS app version 4.8 has been officially released! 

This version is special as it features the first implementation of the new PLUS design system. This design system will standardize the appearance of the app, greatly enhance the user experience, and allow future designs to be developed at more than 2x the speed. Special recognition goes to Max and Lokesh for their incredible effort toward this work. 

We have also released the new Authoring Tool which Dennis has been working on all semester. This Google Chrome Extension allows us to create and preview lessons in the app directly from Google Docs without any extra developer effort. 

Please read below for other updates on the release and click here for the complete release notes. 

New Designs

The homepage, lessons list view and site navigation have been updated. Further changes will be added incrementally. 

Authoring Tool

Lessons can now be developed by anyone directly! Includes advanced tools like automated Fleisch Kincaid scores.

Program Support

We added iReady data to the app and set up a login process to allow Central and Lancaster users to register easily.