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PLUS 4.7 Release Notes

PLUS 4.7 Release Notes

April 4, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of version 4.7.0 of the PLUS Web Application. This release includes several new features as well as bug fixes and performance improvements.

New Features and Bug Fixes:

  1. New Demo System - We have a brand new demo system that no longer requires signing-in to view a demo of how the app works for students, admins, and tutors. This was requested as part of the frequent demos to new teachers and partners that we are doing as we start our new implementations at Lancaster and Central.

  2. iReady Integration - We have completed our SFTP based integration with iReady. This enables us to get student data for all students at Central USDdaily. The data includes progress and performance reports, diagnostic reports, and app usage information. We can now pull this data for research and program planning This was a critical requirement for our Central USD implementation.  

  3. Github Migration - This was a large architecture effort to move our old codebase to the git version control system (from svn) and to the Github platform. As our dev team has grown by 350% in 2023 and as we are now collaborating with researchers and developers from other organizations, this was a much-needed architectural effort to enable faster onboarding and collaboration across developers. As part of this effort, we removed dependencies we had on the old Datashop architecture.

  4. Minor enhancements - System Admin updates were made which allow us to view tutor usage data and add users to the app without needing dev effort. As we add new institutes and PLUS tutors for training, this work will reduce future dev effort. We added a feature to send welcome emails to tutors when they are added to the system. 

  5. Bug Fixes - The lessons sorting order was fixed and the login page had some bugs on the hover which were fixed. 

We believe these changes will enhance our users’ experience and provide a more reliable product. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for further enhancements (use the feedback button on the app).