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CMU's PLUS program joins learning engineering virtual institute

Learn more about LEVI's mission to expand innovative software for teaching math.

PLUS joins learning engineering virtual institute

CMU's PLUS program joins learning engineering virtual institute

Learn more about LEVI's mission to expand innovative software for teaching math.

PLUS 4.0 Release Notes

PLUS 4.0 Release Notes

April 21, 2022

Spring has sprung, and with the change of seasons comes another big change in the Personalized Learning Squared ecosystem. You will see an all new side of the same PL² you know and love, including the introduction of the lessons feature and the reorganization of different PL2 services into their own individual solutions.

All training and professional development features will be classified under the PL2 Training solution. We have released the highly anticipated 'Lessons' feature, which will provide tutors and teachers with short (~15 mins), interactive e-learning experiences that they can do at their own pace. Mentor-facing resources can now be found under the 'Strategies' section of the app.

The PLUS data-driven student dashboard and personalized resource assistant will now be called the PL2 Toolkit solution line.

All strategies and resources in the app have been re-organized according to our new research-driven SMART competencies system.

These changes are now visible in the app and will provide an all new experience for tutors to be able to easily access the features they need.

Read on below for more details on the individual updates!

The navbar has been reorganized to distinguish between our two main in-app solutions for tutors:

PLUS Training contains resources that help mentors develop their mentoring skills so that they can help students most effectively.

  • Lessons are brand-new, guided learning modules developed by PL²'s learning scientists to help tutors develop the most critical skills to help their students.

  • Strategies are resources and tools curated by our team to provide support for mentors on a wide variety of topics and issues - newly organized according to our SMART framework!

PLUS Toolkit is the one-stop shop for data and resources to enable tutors to personalize the learning experience of their students.

  • Your Students gives a quick snapshot of your learners' progress at the moment, with data from their ed-tech software and tools for reflections and goal setting.

  • Data Trends gives a high-level perspective on how all of your students have performed in recent weeks, with opportunities to identify and drill down on anomalies.

  • Learning Resources is a treasure trove of content to help students with specific challenges identified by their mentors, or by PL²'s Resource Assistant! Now organized according to our SMART framework!

SMART Framework

Mentor Strategies and Student Learning Resources have been recategorized according to PL²'s evidence-based training curriculum, with 13 different competencies grouped by 5 strategic areas:

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Mastering Content

  • Advocacy

  • Relationships

  • Technology Tools

For more information, please see our research!

PLUS Lessons

A new addition to PLUS Training - modules to help tutors with the most challenging and important skills, designed to be completed in under 15 minutes. We currently have two modules (Reacting to Errors and Supporting a Growth Mindset), with new modules being released every month.

Minor Updates

  • Graphs on the Student Progress page have been updated to more clearly indicate the student's effort and progress toward meeting their math ed-tech goals.

  • Homepage design has been modified to improve resource visibility.

  • New users will now receive a welcome email from the system.

Bug Fixes

  • Admin and Student tabs now formatted for mobile systems.

Known Issues

  • On mobile Safari browsers, some graphs/visuals may become distorted.

  • Lessons may have some minor formatting issues when completed on mobile devices in the portrait orientation, such as mis-alignment of question tags.