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PLUS 4.10: A/B Testing for Tutor Lessons has landed!

PLUS 4.10: A/B Testing for Tutor Lessons has landed!

June 14, 2023

We are pleased to announce that the much-requested feature to do A/B testing with our tutor lessons is now ready! The first A/B test involves tutors seeing different versions of the lessons where some will get open-ended questions, some will get only selected responses and some will get both. We are also experimenting with counterbalancing the scenarios. While the users will see no change in their view, the DataShop log of the lessons will allow researchers to compare versions. 

Additionally, we released 2 new lessons: Ensuring Conceptual Understanding and Using Math Vocabulary.

Lesson Assignment Notifications

Users will now get a notification on their home page when a new lesson has been assigned to them.

Design Updates

The message center design was updated and more of the app was brought up to date with the new design system.

Performance Updates

The training admin performance was updated to be >10x faster while loading. Updated loading animation.