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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is PLUS?

What does "PLUS" mean?

Is PLUS a non-profit?

How is PLUS funded?

Who uses PLUS and how is it used?

What kinds of resources does PLUS provide for students and for tutors?

Are tutors qualified in their subjects?

Tutor FAQs

I am interested in tutoring, do I have to tutor for certain hours?

Where does tutoring take place?

How does PLUS fit into my routine when preparing for my students?

What subjects or topics can I tutor in?

What steps do I need to take to become a tutor?

Training FAQs

Are tutors qualified in their subjects?

What skills are taught during tutor training?

How long does tutor training usually take?

Do PLUS tutors receive ongoing training?

Research FAQs

How can I be a researcher at PLUS?

How can I apply PLUS’s research findings to my own work?

What research topics are the PLUS team exploring?

Toolkit + Tech FAQs

How do users log into the PLUS app?

How does PLUS help track my student's progress over time? Where can I see this data?

How do I use the "reflection" feature and when should I use it? When should I use the resources?

How do I assign students to mentors in PLUS?

What changed with the latest release of the PLUS app?

How do users log into the PLUS app?

Why do some of my students have an envelope icon that allows messaging and others don't?

How can I find resources for a specific topic?

How can I use these resources to help my students?