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PLUS 4.4 Release Notes

PLUS 4.4 Release Notes

December 20, 2022

For our final software release of the year, we have a number of new features as well as long requested bug fixes that have been implemented. Here are the highlights:

New Admin View for PLUS Tutor Training

Training admin can now log into a new dashboard to view data regarding their tutors’ performance on PLUS lessons. The admin can view which tutors have completed which lessons, how much time was spent, performance on lessons, ratings and more. Data can be sliced by individual tutor or custom defined groups as well as aggregated for all tutors in an institution.

Assign Lessons to Tutors

Tutor admins can now assign lessons to individual tutors and groups of tutors directly from the admin panel.

Updated design for Lessons

Lesson designs have been updated based on user feedback including an updated catalog view and a new field showing est. length of lesson. Minor enhancements such as colors and breadcrumb updates were also made.

Updated app URL

The URL for the web app has been updated from https://pl2.andrew.cmu.edu to https://plus.andrew.cmu.edu to match the new branding. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Updated sign up passphrase

Institutional pass phrases that are used by tutors during sign up have been updated to be more easily understandable and shareable.

Minor Updates

  • Reading time was added to resources and lessons.

  • UI was added to allow system admins to define new institutions in the system.

Bug Fixes

  • The app backup mechanism was fixed.

  • A bug where independent institution users were not admin has been fixed.